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Copper Ingots

  • Product Code : 27

Aluminium Ingots

  • Product Code : 14

Molybdenum Ingots

  • Product Code : 58

Gallium Ingots

  • Product Code : 42

Germanium Ingots

  • Product Code : 39

Gold Ingots

  • Product Code : 50

Antimony Ingots

  • Product Code : 11

Chromium Ingots

  • Product Code : 16

Bismuth Ingot

  • Product Code : 08

Neodymium Ingot

  • Product Code : 54

Brass Ingots

  • Product Code : 22

Lead Ingots

  • Product Code : 44

Solder Ingots

  • Product Code : 83

Rhodium Ingots

  • Product Code : 80

Tin Ingots

  • Product Code : 88
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E Buddy Recyclers is dealing in optimum quality Ingots, which are functional as the industrialized structural channel sections. These ensure assorted additional benefits to users. Also, these ensure effectiveness in all sort of forging operations. The bars are apt for straight wear applications and are applauded for their superior metallurgical capacity. Provided are suited to boost the yield strength and also assist in producing the forgings with a lengthwise channel. Ingots offered at E Buddy Recyclers are chemically consistent on account of their expedited directional solidification. Offered in various makes such as brass, chromium, copper, lithium, iron, etc., and casted into different shapes, they ensure effective usages in steel-making as well as other kindred processes. Manufacturing industry needs these products of exceptional mechanical strength in bulk quantity.

Key Points:

  • Functional as the pure metallic pieces of high mechanical strength.
  • Can be casted into variety of shapes and dimensions.
  • Suited for rolling into billets as well as several other structural sections.
  • Capable to resist high pressure and high temperatures.

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