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A company to rely on for Electronic Waste Recycling, Copper Powder, Metallic Mixtures Powder, Resin Powder, Fiber Powder, Plastic Granules, Metal Powders, Metal Ingots, Metal Bars, etc ...


E Buddy Recyclers

Electronic industry is growing and with its increase, the problem of end-of-life (EOL) electronics or e-waste is also maturing. To put a stop to this overly matured issue, E Buddy Recyclers as a electronic waste Recycling company is rendering Electronic Waste Recycling Services.As per the survey, it has came into notice that around 75% (Approx) of old electronics continues to rot in households, as the knowledge of people pertaining to their safe disposable is limited.

Many a times, unavailability of convenient recycling choices becomes the hurdle in safe recycling of computers, televisions and other electronic devices. To meet this growing demand of safe recycling, we are working extremely hard.
Choose Us- 'Why?'

Following points answers well the question of 'Why Choose Us':
  • Delivering service of our company is fast as we have by our side support of some trusted logistics companies
  • Packaging of manufactured line is done with perfection. We use finest packaging materials which eliminates chances of defects
  • We execute services efficiently, keeping in view customers needs
E Buddy Recyclers
Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Supplier & Service Provider
No. of Employees
75 tonnes
Monthly Production Capacity

Customers-Focused Company

Our company considers itself a customers-focused company as all the business policies and decisions are made and taken keeping in view interests of clients.


A Name To Trust

E Buddy Recyclers is a company to trust upon. Reason behind keeping faith in our capabilities lies not singularly in the quality products, but the way we execute services & in the way we do business, that is ethically.



Our company is successfully running under the leadership of Mr. Harshit whom excellent skills and capabilities enable us to become a best supplier of copper powder, metallic mixtures powder, Resin powder, fiber powder, plastic granules, metal powders, metal ingots, metal bars, etc & service providers of Electronic Waste Recycling Services. To accomplish this, he with the support of 25 employees is working extremely hard.

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