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Nickel Bars

  • Product Code : 62

Iron Bars

  • Product Code : 48

Cadmium Bars

  • Product Code : 20

Cobalt Bars

  • Product Code : 24

Brass Bullian Bars

  • Product Code : 23

Bismuth Bars

  • Product Code : 09

Gallium Bars

  • Product Code : 43

Lead Bars

  • Product Code : 45

Chromium Bars

  • Product Code : 17

Germanium Bars

  • Product Code : 40

Copper Bars

  • Product Code : 28

Neodymium Bars

  • Product Code : 55

Gold Bars

  • Product Code : 51

Molybednym Bars

  • Product Code : 56
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We are dealing in optimum quality Metal Bars, which have significant role in sector of manufacturing. These ready-made sections are suited for several construction sites and assist in different sort of joining techniques such as riveting, bolting etc. They are accessible to us in many desired shapes & clads. Metal Bars ensure that the structures can stay safe for domestic, industrial and commercialized use. These simple to replace & reinforce products are provided with an additional level of reconstruction and recycling. Also, they ensure boosted ductility and optimum bend-ability. On account of the aforesaid properties, the bars can assist in the manufacturing of pre-welded meshes. The bars are also suited for decor purposes. E Buddy Recyclers manufactures and supplies these economical products at highly affordable prices.

Key Points:

  • Suited for enhancing and modifying the strength of other objects.
  • Incredibly versatile, help in the different sort of productions.
  • High quality metals can be produced.
  • Task of machining filtration can be simplified on a large scale.

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